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Entry #13

Fallen off the grid

2009-09-14 06:36:41 by 45Percent

+Attention all+
To my friends on Newgrounds I say good bye.
Unfortunately due to a crunch on time I must leave NG.
My life has become to hectic for animating and art or even for browsing so I hope this explains my recent lack of postings and or input to NG.

I would like to apologize to all those in the NG SMILEY COLLAB, but I can not continue with it, I feel it was dead anyways, but if your reading this and want to take control of the collab, fell free to do so.
PM me if it ever gets released :)

Some day I may return, perhaps when I get a new tablet, or maybe when i get a burst of free time.
But until that day I say this:
"Thanks for the laughs, thanks for the reviews, thanks for the good times, and thanks for watching my shit :P"

See ya round.

-45percent :]


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2009-10-12 02:28:43

That's a bit of bad news mate. . . Well, hopefully one day you can get the energy to start again :3