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A simple yet resonably entertaining loop.

Eviyonken Degatatishing fling bunmen.
unborren funly belan shtunt elzinen mun!

Eviyonkal Degatishing fling bunmen.
nema shmuda shmitz-ahelen gansun mun!
Well there's the lyrics, so enjoy breakin' it down with your homies to this clip :3
Seriously though, the animation was good, the loop gerks a bit but not to much.
Overall a decent animation and Im glad to see you leaning back towards the animation side of flash.

Art: 9/10
Animation: 8/10
Loop Quality: 6/10
Entertainment Value:6/10

Not bad....keep at it :P

JKAmovies responds:

The loop only looked a little weird coz of the clouds, they kept stuffing up. But the floor and that looped pretty well (is what I though). I tend to do lots of animations, but none for movies (not often). Usually just games and lots and lots of practice stuff :3

Thanks for the comment :D

Ha, good work

I like it,very err...interesting and you have a point!
Its always a very insightful experience to see the newest Johnny Utah animation, even if it is random as hell ^_^
Well done

Cool :D

The animation was great and art was really good and the story was interesting.
The sounds effect and music were good the, flash over all quite entertaining
very nice indeed.

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Purely amazing.
Design and lay out=wicked and well thought out
Debug report=Practically flawless apart from a few hard to fix flash bugs.
Idea=cool tribute :D
Overall:very well done, a good tribute to the NG Sketchbook Tour and a great sequal to the original.
Nice one=5/5 10/10

JKAmovies responds:

Thanks 45% :D

Not at all

It was quite entertaining and the idea was simple and good.
Music would have made it better and adding some filters and backgrounds and detail would have made it better still.
Perhaps consider make a Part 2?
Anyways, not bad and fun to play, well done.

acedareaper responds:

thanks im working on the second with the guy above you

Pretty fun :D

A tad hard in some spots but otherwise quite good.
The art is really good the animation is also really good and the idea is fun and entertaining to play.
The music went well with it, is catchy and suited the games mood.
All in all a great game and defiantly worth playing.

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A great take on the original!

You did the song justice and I'm glad to see that you've made a very successful remake of a fantastic song :D
It had and amazing rhythm and I liked how you kept a lot of the original melody in there.
Well Done.

Awesome Beat!!

Loved the beat and cool melody :D
Seems like your time has payed of ;)
Good job.


Very good for your first submission.
A little all over the shop though :p
Still nice work.
BTW go Milky Tracker!! :D

I started animating late 2006 and produced an insult to the sighted world so gave up until early 2008, since then animation and art have become a enjoyment rather than a chore. I've now started creating games and feel I've improved in Flash a hole lot :D

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