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Purely amazing.
Design and lay out=wicked and well thought out
Debug report=Practically flawless apart from a few hard to fix flash bugs.
Idea=cool tribute :D
Overall:very well done, a good tribute to the NG Sketchbook Tour and a great sequal to the original.
Nice one=5/5 10/10

JKAmovies responds:

Thanks 45% :D

Not at all

It was quite entertaining and the idea was simple and good.
Music would have made it better and adding some filters and backgrounds and detail would have made it better still.
Perhaps consider make a Part 2?
Anyways, not bad and fun to play, well done.

acedareaper responds:

thanks im working on the second with the guy above you

Pretty fun :D

A tad hard in some spots but otherwise quite good.
The art is really good the animation is also really good and the idea is fun and entertaining to play.
The music went well with it, is catchy and suited the games mood.
All in all a great game and defiantly worth playing.

Friggin Awesome!!

Incredible fun, looks great, practically glitchless (though I have heard other wise) and very very entertaining.
One of the best games on NG.
One comment, the medals are a little to hard to win, but still you've done well.

This is the best game i've played yet!!!

Incredibly fun, looked fantastic, awesome music and the game play was flawlessly entertaining :D
The only word that can sum up this game is unbelievable!!!
5/5 10/10 and two thumbs up :P

Not Half Bad

Like TheLynchinator said, you tried :)
And you did quite well for your first game.
Trying put up the FPS a tad, I felt the game ran a bit slow, also make the playing area bigger, there was no room to move.
Other wise the games graphics were ok, the idea was good and I feel you did well.
Good luck with you next game and:
"Welcome To Newgrounds" :D


edadgar129 responds:

I appreciate the advice and the criticisms you provided; I'll be sure to fix all of the things you said, and thanks for the warm welcome to Newgrounds! :-D

Nice Tool :)

I can see it being an excellent and useful weapon in a programmers arsenal ;)
I see great potential for it.


Some of the best art Ive ever seen!!
Very good job!

Nohing amazing but still

I had its moment.
It worked well, was reasonably fun to play and didn't look to bad either.
The music annoyed the hell out of me, but any ways, not to shabby.
Well done

Not bad

A reasonably entertaining game.
Next time make sure the contents fit inside the display area!!
The whole; right click->show all thing is annoying and brings a games score down a lot!!
Other wise not to bad.

I started animating late 2006 and produced an insult to the sighted world so gave up until early 2008, since then animation and art have become a enjoyment rather than a chore. I've now started creating games and feel I've improved in Flash a hole lot :D

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