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A simple yet resonably entertaining loop.

Eviyonken Degatatishing fling bunmen.
unborren funly belan shtunt elzinen mun!

Eviyonkal Degatishing fling bunmen.
nema shmuda shmitz-ahelen gansun mun!
Well there's the lyrics, so enjoy breakin' it down with your homies to this clip :3
Seriously though, the animation was good, the loop gerks a bit but not to much.
Overall a decent animation and Im glad to see you leaning back towards the animation side of flash.

Art: 9/10
Animation: 8/10
Loop Quality: 6/10
Entertainment Value:6/10

Not bad....keep at it :P

JKAmovies responds:

The loop only looked a little weird coz of the clouds, they kept stuffing up. But the floor and that looped pretty well (is what I though). I tend to do lots of animations, but none for movies (not often). Usually just games and lots and lots of practice stuff :3

Thanks for the comment :D

Ha, good work

I like it,very err...interesting and you have a point!
Its always a very insightful experience to see the newest Johnny Utah animation, even if it is random as hell ^_^
Well done

Cool :D

The animation was great and art was really good and the story was interesting.
The sounds effect and music were good the, flash over all quite entertaining
very nice indeed.


Funny as hell!
The animation was fantastic the art was great and jokes where funny as!
I doubt Nintendo will ever have its character saying these things in the game (as you said), but maybe someday they will and we will all laugh our selves to death.
Very,very,very, well done

Awesome, almost better than the original series :D

The animation was amazing, the art was awesome and the story line was entertaining and great in general.
I really enjoyed it, It was like watching a snippet of a professional movie.
Very, Very Well done and NG can expect amazing thing form you!!! :3

Pretty Good :D

Its a bit short but other than that it was good.
It was funny, random and just plain stupid....I liked it :3
The idea was good and you captured the Dan Paladin style well.
You should have a go at something original next time but still in the Dan Paladin style :D
Also some BG music would have been good as well.
Over all well done :)

For your first animation....ok

For your first animation this pretty good.
A good old stick figure battle to the theme of Mortal Combat....un-fail able!
The animation was alright the art needs improvement (but passed) and the music was great :3
I really like it how you made the animation go along to the beat and sound of the music.
Next time make it a bit longer and add some detail into the BG and your well on your way to success! :D

That was good :D

The art and animation was great and the sound FX's were good and well fitted.
I liked the idea, it was like the monster on Spirited Away. (If you've seen it)
With a tad more time put into it, some BG music added and if you made it little longer this could have got front page!
Maybe a part 2?
Anyways, Well done.

*Raise Eye Brow Here*

The art was really scrappy and the flash in general came off way to rushed.
The idea was good and the voices were ok.
Maybe add some BG music and take some more time on the next one and you'll be headed in the right direction.
Better luck next time :3

tcoffin responds:

yeah, i know.
It was really rushed. I was bored, so i was like, "i'm going to make a flash today. NO EXCEPTIONS. So it was like, 11 at night and I had to get it done quickly.
But thanks for your review!
Glad you watched it!

This isn't a real flash!

Don't post things like this on NG.
Maybe link it on your user page but no where else.
All this SWF is, is a stupid hypnotizing thing and it only one Movie Clip.
just one loop picture!
If you wish to do this kind of thing, make a group of them and then post it.

magmama responds:

uhm... "New Grounds -Everything by Everyone"
Who made you the boss of NG?

I started animating late 2006 and produced an insult to the sighted world so gave up until early 2008, since then animation and art have become a enjoyment rather than a chore. I've now started creating games and feel I've improved in Flash a hole lot :D

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